WWE Reports Elias Injury, Hints At Gimmick Change

This past week on Friday Night SmackDown, Elias was attacked backstage by Baron Corbin, which served to further their recent feud. WWE announced earlier today that as a result of the attack at the hands of The King, Elias has suffered a bruised larynx as well as bruising to his middle and pinky finger.

It’s unknown how long these injuries will sideline The Drifter, but it’s worth noting that these injuries would directly affect the way Elias currently performs as his on-screen character. Elias would be unable to sing or play the guitar with his current issues, which means that if he does appear on WWE TV in the coming weeks then it could be under a different persona.

WWE’s official statement regarding Elias’s injury read:

“Elias suffered a bruised larynx and broken middle and pinky fingers following the latest attack by King Corbin. The injuries have put¬†Elias’ musical performances on hold, as they’ve hampered his ability to sing and play guitar.”

Elias has been seen under his Drifter persona since his time in NXT where he became popular with the WWE Universe because of his singing ability, despite the fact that he was considered to be a heel. The former 24/7 Champion has even been able to perform his own concerts given the rise in popularity that he has been part of over the past few years, so it would be a strange move for WWE to take this away from him.

The Drifter has one of the most unique characters in WWE at present, so hopefully, his recent injuries are just a way to give him a break from singing and playing guitar while he’s part of a feud with King Corbin and when the current feud comes to an end, WWE will allow Elias to have his singing gimmick back again.