WWE Royal Rumble: 24/7 Championship Changes Hands Inside Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The Women’s Royal Rumble was filled with surprises as many women’s legends and NXT stars made their way to the ring as part of the match.

The likes of Jillian Hall and Victoria made their first appearances in almost a decade, while Alicia Fox and Torrie Wilson were two of the other returning legends.

Alicia Fox may have only had a cameo appearance in this year’s Rumble but it was definitely a memorable one since R-Truth followed the former Divas Champion to the ring.

R-Truth was confused since he thought it was the men’s Rumble match, but before he could exit, several WWE stars chased him into the ring and Fox was there to help him clear the ring.

The former Champion was then able to pin R-Truth off the distraction to win the 24/7 Championship before being eliminated from the match. This was when Mandy Rose made her way to the ring as the Women’s Royal Rumble continued around the chaos.

As Alicia Fox was eliminated, Truth decided to take advantage of the situation and pin Fox for his 48th 24/7 Championship.

Fox was able to recover following her elimination to chase R-Truth back into the locker room along with several other WWE stars.