WWE Royal Rumble: Bianca Belair Wins the Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The Women’s Royal Rumble match was pushed forward on the Royal Rumble card, but even though it wasn’t the main event this year, the women put on another fantastic show.

Bianca Belair entered the match at number three and set a new record in the Women’s Royal Rumble by lasting more than 56 minutes and breaking Natalya’s record.

The former NXT star is yet to win a Championship in WWE, but The EST of NXT was able to outlast 29 other women which included several legends like Jillian Hall, Victoria, Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox.

Naomi also made her long-overdue return as part of the Women’s Royal Rumble and entered at number two, but couldn’t break the record for longevity in the 30-woman match.

The final five were Natalya, Lana, Charlotte, Rhea Ripley, and Bianca Belair, and in the end, it came down to Ripley and Belair. The two women battled it out for several minutes before Ripley was thrown over the top rope and Bianca was handed her biggest win in WWE.

An emotional Belair addressed her family following the match before the commentary team stated that Belair would be going on to challenge for a Championship at WrestleMania.