WWE Royal Rumble: Drew McIntyre Wins Highly Entertaining Men’s Rumble Match

It was easily the biggest win of his career, as Drew McIntyre‘s hand was lifted after he was able to eliminate Roman Reigns to win the 2020 men’s Royal Rumble match. Earlier in the night, McIntyre had already set up his WrestleMania match with Brock Lesnar when he was the man to knock The Beast out of the Rumble with a Claymore kick.

The match didn’t start out as quick-paced as it finished since Brock Lesnar was able to eliminate 13 men and tie the record with Braun Strowman when it comes to eliminations in a Royal Rumble match after starting out at number one.

Brock Lesnar also made history as the first man to eliminate 10 men consecutively in a Rumble match. The match started out with Lesnar eliminating every man thrown at him including surprise entrant MVP, his friend Shelton Benjamin and the likes of John Morrison, Elias, Keith Lee, and Bobby Roode.

Following his altercation with Lesnar on Monday Night RAW, Ricochet was able to become a thorn in the WWE Champion’s side when he helped McIntyre to eliminate Lesnar after he delivered a low blow.

Edge was the surprise that the WWE Universe was waiting for when he made his way to the ring at number 21 and then delivered a number of spears to show that he definitely still had it. A face-off with AJ Styles got the WWE Universe talking when it came to a future bout before Randy Orton made his entrance and the two men teamed up and reunited Rated RKO for a few minutes before Edge eliminated Orton.

It came down to Edge, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre and after Reigns was able to eliminate Edge, Drew hit the Claymore kick and took advantage of the move to throw the 2015 Rumble winner over the top rope.