WWE Rumors: Possible Backstage Heat On The Usos In WWE

Image via WWE.com

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) have come a long way in their careers and are still going strong as a team since their debut on the main roster back in 2010. The pair has been champions, babyfaces, heels, and jobbers in their long stint with WWE, but despite being hailed as the greatest tag team of the current generation, Jimmy and Jey somehow find themselves on the kickoff show even if it is a championship match.

Brad Shepard revealed on Oh, You Didn’t Know that a WWE source also agreed with him that The Usos may have backstage heat in the company.

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“I had an interesting conversation with a source in WWE about the Usos. As you know I’ve mentioned a few times that I believe they’re the greatest tag team of this generation and so the source has agreed with me when I questioned, ‘Who the hell have the Usos pissed off?’ Because they still manage to be on the kickoff show so much yet they’re having legitimate exceptional matches by today’s standards. They do well, yet they always end up it seems like in every case they end up on the kickoff show and I don’t understand that one at all.”

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Shepard further noted that the source wasn’t exactly aware of who the Samoan brothers may have upset in WWE, nor did he know the reason behind such heat. However, the idea wasn’t rejected which sheds ample light on why The Usos are being booked for kickoff shows.

At Survivor Series, The Usos were the sole survivors in the 10-on-10 Tag Team Elimination match and helped SmackDown score the maiden victory of the night during the kickoff show.

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Jimmy and Jey aren’t at all featured like before and over the past few weeks, their cutting-edge promos have been absent from SmackDown Live and so has been the Uso Penitentiary.