WWE Runs Into More Issues Ahead Of Crown Jewel

WWE Crown Jewel is set to take place on November 2nd live from Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that there have been various protests over the past few weeks from the WWE Universe who have stated that they will boycott the show.

It is definitely a controversial choice for WWE to make the trip over to the middle east given the current news reports that are surrounding the country and even though the officials in WWE have made this choice, there are many WWE superstars who could cause them a few problems.

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Roman Reigns has been pulled from this weekend’s live events because he is reportedly nursing an injury, whilst the likes of Daniel Bryan and John Cena are said to be unhappy about having to make the trip over to Saudi Arabia at this¬†current moment in time.

John Cena and Daniel Bryan are both booked to be part of high profile matches on the show and the above report doesn’t look very promising for WWE, who have run into a number of issues with Crown Jewel already.

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Reports last week suggested that there were many WWE stars who didn’t want to have to make the trip to Saudi Arabia, but it’s Cena who has the power and who is looking at the show from a different angle given the fact that he has a public image to protect.

Cena can’t risk being pictured shaking hands with some of the main men in the Middle East because of his position in Hollywood and the fact that many American’s are unhappy with the way Saudi Arabia have handled the disappearance of US Citizen Jamal Khashoggi.