WWE Sends Out Survey Asking Fans How To Fix Their Product

Image via WWE.com

A common WWE fan gripe is that WWE doesn’t really care about what the fans want to see. This is usually heard when the WWE insists on pushing certain Superstars or storylines that most fans feel are “undeserving” or “lame.”

According to a report from Wrestling Observer, WWE isn’t as deaf and blind to fan complaints as many may think and, more importantly, they are open to changes.

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WWE has sent out a new Fan Council survey that seems to focus on what fans would like to see in the future. The survey asks, among other things, if the fans think the company focuses too much on corporate interests.

The survey also asks about fans opinions on the product itself, such as if they feel storylines are not given enough time to develop. Or if there are some deserving wrestlers who aren’t getting enough coverage during the shows and if the current champions have not really earned their spots at the top.

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Another question asks if fans would prefer to have more wrestlers talking without a script or if the fans feel that there are not enough unique and compelling personalities and stars.

The survey also asked if the current run time of the WWE shows are too long. Recently, news broke out that Raw will be sticking to a strict three hour timeslot at the request of the USA Network.

The survey indicated that the WWE might be trying to gauge fan criticism, especially given how they upset many of the fan base recently with their decision to continue with the Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia.