WWE Signs NXT UK Stars To Restrictive Contracts Ahead Of First Takeover Show

NXT UK has been a weekly show on the WWE Network for the past few months and the brand already had their own Women’s Tag Team and United Kingdom Champion.

The show hasn’t been as popular as WWE would have hoped with many of their TV tapings only bringing in around 600-800 spectators, but Triple H still made the bold choice to announce the first NXT UK Takeover for next year in Blackpool.

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Ahead of the show, WWE has signed some of their biggest stars to quite restrictive contracts which mean that they will be wrestling exclusively for the company in the future. The likes of Flash Morgan Webster, El Ligero, and Xia Brookside have all signed new deals with WWE which will now restrict where they are allowed to wrestle moving forward.

When WWE first launched the division back in 2016, they stated that talent would not be held to the usual restrictive contracts because they didn’t want to drain the United Kingdom wrestling scene of their biggest stars.

According to WrestleTalk, it appears that this has changed now since the main stars of the show are not allowed to wrestle for any other company that isn’t partnered with WWE, or against anyone who has a deal with Impact, Ring of Honor, New Japan or World of Sport.

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This hasn’t been met with a lot of positivity from British wrestling fans, who have been left without a number of names at their local promotions since the dropouts already began yesterday when Xia Brookside was forced to pull out of Wrestle Gate and TIDAL Wrestling then announced that El Ligero’s next show with them would be his last.

It is worth stressing that this isn’t the same for every member of their roster, but it could be a sign of things to come and UK based fans are not reacting well to it.