WWE SmackDown: Aalyah Mysterio Confesses to Loving Murphy Following Family Confrontation

Aalyah Mysterio has been part of a storyline with Murphy since their time over on Raw and that has now spilled onto SmackDown.

Even though Murphy is no longer aligned with Seth Rollins, the Mysterio family refuses to accept that Aalyah wants a relationship with the former Cruiserweight Champion.

This week on SmackDown, Murphy attempted to apologize to Dominik and Rey Mysterio publicly with Aalyah by his side, but it didn’t go to plan.

First, he was interrupted by Rollins who made it clear that he would accept Aalyah and Murphy’s relationship but her family wouldn’t.

Dominik then invaded and attacked both Seth Rollins and then Murphy and this turned into a brawl.

Dominik and Rey looked to double team Murphy before Aalyah stepped in and told her family that she wasn’t coming back with them.

She then confessed to loving the Australian star before kissing him in the center of the ring as Rey and Dominik made their way back up the ramp.