WWE SmackDown: Bar Fight Officially Announced For Extreme Rules

Sheamus has targeted Jeff Hardy ever since the former World Champion made a return to the company a few months ago. The feud reached new heights when Sheamus pretended to be Jeff Hardy and ran Elias over in a hit and run assault ahead of an episode of SmackDown.

Many fans believed that Hardy had relapsed and fallen back into his issues with alcohol before it was revealed that it was Sheamus playing mind games. This later led to a match between the two men at Backlash, which was won by the Irish star.

Rather than their feud coming to an end at last month’s pay-per-view, the issues between the two men continued and following Sheamus’ toast to Hardy last week which ended with Hardy attacking the bartender.

This week, it was announced that the two men would meet at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules.

Given that every match as part of next weekend’s pay-per-view will be a stipulated match, Sheamus and Hardy will collide in a bar fight. Following the announcement on Miz TV, the former World Champion went one-on-one with The Miz and lost the match due to Sheamus’ interference.

Sheamus wasn’t in the same building, he was at a home and told Hardy that he was having a pint and enjoying the match. This distraction allowed The Miz to roll up the Charismatic Enigma to hand him another defeat.