WWE SmackDown: Bayley Turns Heel on Sasha Banks Following Women’s Tag Team Championship Loss

It’s been a rough few weeks for Sasha Banks, who lost the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam before Bayley tapped out and cost their team the Women’s Tag Team Championships a week later at Payback.

The Boss’s week got much worse tonight on SmackDown when her long-time friend Bayley turned heel on her when they were unable to reclaim the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Banks suffered an injury mid-match after she went for a kick and missed before connecting with the ring post.

The match then ended with Nia Jax pinning both Banks and Bayley after hitting her crossbody from the second rope.

Bayley was obviously frustrated but after Banks pushed away the medical staff who were looking to check out her injury, Bayley kicked her best friend before the beat down began and then ended with the SmackDown Women’s Champion targeting her injured leg before putting a steel chair around her head and jumping off the top rope.

Banks attempted to fight back, but it was clear that Bayley wanted to send a message to Banks, even though it was Bayley who tapped out and lost the women the Championships on Sunday night.

The issues between the two women have been teased for a number of weeks but it was believed that Banks would be the one to turn on Bayley

It was a surprise that Bayley was the one who snapped and decided to turn on The Blueprint after being so close to the former Champion for a number of years.