WWE SmackDown: Bray Wyatt Crosses The Line With Miz’s Family

Bray Wyatt takes on The Miz this weekend at TLC with the Universal Championship on the line, but it’s interesting to note that it will be Bray Wyatt in the ring this weekend and not The Fiend.

Miz only accepted the match with the Champion because he needed to protect his family but this week on SmackDown, Wyatt proved that now that the match was official he refused to back off.

The Miz was part of an interview with Renee Young as part of this week’s show before Maryse interrupted to show him that Monroe was playing with some familiar characters in her cot. The couple rushed up the stairs to find Monroe playing with a scary doll that looked very much like Liv Morgan.

The Firefly Fun House later included Wyatt’s new scary doll, which looks like it’s wearing a Fiend mask, so this was further proof that Wyatt had somehow been able to enter Miz’s house and make it all the way up to his child’s bedroom without being detected, which is terrifying in its own right.

This shows that Wyatt has targetted Miz’s family even though he’s already accepted the match this weekend. It’s hard to imagine that after Sunday night this storyline will be dropped since this was one of the best segments in SmackDown history and it showed that Bray Wyatt has powers that are indescribable sometimes and WWE could only be scratching the surface with the star.

Will more questions be answered this weekend? Will Bray Wyatt wrestle so that The Fiend can show up and prove that they are two different people, or will Wyatt bring his new creepy Fun House doll to life and allow Liv Morgan to make her return to WWE? This could be one of the most intriguing storylines in WWE right now.