WWE SmackDown: Bray Wyatt Reveals That The Fiend Has Now Been Unleashed on Braun Strowman

The Firefly Fun House returned on SmackDown just days after The Wyatt Swamp Fight as part of The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, and while Bray Wyatt was once again talking in riddles, there was some sense in his ramblings.

Wyatt revealed that he has seemingly put Cult Leader Bray back into his lantern now since he was unable to complete the job. Wyatt did win the match but only when The Fiend arrived after seemingly seeing enough.

This meant that much like Fun House Bray, he was sent back to his original location and The Fiend stepped in.

Ahead of tonight’s show, it was unknown that Cult Leader Bray was also trapped inside the Fun House but he was inside the lantern that has been carried to the ring by The Fiend every time he has wrestled.

This week’s episode hinted that Braun Strowman was now stuck in the swamp and now it was the turn of The Fiend to set things right.

This could mean that there’s another cinematic match at SummerSlam or it could mean that Strowman now has to defend his Universal Championship against The Fiend and only a win will allow him to return to civilization.