WWE SmackDown: Bray Wyatt Teases a New Friend in the Firefly Fun House, Alexa Bliss Teases Turn

Despite the fact that The Fiend lost the Universal Championship just five days ago at Payback, Bray Wyatt was back inside the Firefly Fun House on SmackDown where he revealed that he will be welcoming a new friend into The Fun House next week.

In recent weeks Alexa Bliss has been showing signs that she has also been possessed by The Fiend, and this week on SmackDown the former Women’s Champion went a step further.

Bliss was spotted backstage where she apologized to Nikki Cross for breaking her mug a week ago, before getting the blank look in her eyes and snapping into a different character.

Bliss had more dreadlocks in her hair as well which showed that she is getting closer to turning into her own version of The Fiend.

While Bliss was talking to Cross, Ramblin’ Rabbit was in the background, which showed that he was watching the conversation and was waiting like he is going to welcome Little Miss Bliss to the family.

Nothing was confirmed, but there have been a few huge hints that it could be Alexa Bliss unless there is a huge swerve and the new person that’s entered into the Fun House is someone close to Wyatt himself, like his real-life brother Bo Dallas.