WWE SmackDown: Bray Wyatt Teases Daniel Bryan’s Replacement At TLC

Last week on Friday Night SmackDown, Daniel Bryan was dragged through the ring by The Fiend and then it appeared that The Nightmare ripped his hair out as he continued to yank on the former WWE Champion out of shot and then threw clumps of hair into the ring.

Daniel Bryan has since disappeared and there has been no update on his health over the past week. This week didn’t provide many answers either since Bray Wyatt was back in the Firefly Fun House and stated that since Bryan could still “be with him” he would have to find a new opponent at TLC.

The Miz kicked off the show and revealed that he cared about Bryan’s whereabouts and would get to the bottom of it, which obviously turned the head of Wyatt. Wyatt threatened The Miz’s family by holding up a picture of Maryse and their two daughters and seemingly stating that he would be joining a new family if Miz didn’t take him up on his offer of becoming his new opponent at TLC: Tables, Ladder and Chairs.

The Miz was visibly affected by the fact that The Fiend Bray Wyatt had threatened his family, which means that it’s likely that he will step up in the absence of Daniel Bryan and finally be part of the match that should have happened back at Survivor Series.

It hasn’t been officially confirmed that this will be the match at next week’s event, but The Miz was spotted backstage leaving the arena before he saw a red light in one of the rooms. Miz then went inside where there was a picture of Wyatt with his family before Wyatt appeared and hit Sister Abigail. Why was Bray Wyatt out of the Fun House, and why has he targetted The Miz?