WWE SmackDown: Brother Nero Emerges in The Bar Fight Between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy

The Bar Fight between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy that was originally set to take place at Extreme Rules was finally screened as part of this week’s episode of SmackDown and looks as though it could mark the end of the feud between Hardy and Sheamus.

The match began as a conversation in a bar before the two men started to get physical after Hardy threw a pint in The Irish star’s face. The fight went through the bar and even into the toilets where Hardy’s face was pushed into a urinal and Sheamus was pushed into a toilet.

Hardy found a ladder in a side room and used it to his advantage before he turned his attention to the bartender, who was powerbombed through a table.

The distraction allowed Sheamus to hit Hardy with a chair and seemingly win the match, but the former WWE Champion made the mistake of heading behind the bar and making himself a drink before going into the cover.

Sheamus put his hat over Hardy’s face before heading off to take a drink which allowed Hardy’s alter-ego Brother Nero to make an appearance and help the star win the brawl.

Brother Nero took Sheamus by surprise and after finishing off the fight, Hardy delivered a Swanton Bomb from the top of the ladder to win the match.

Following the match, Hardy was able to change back into his previous form, which means that he will be able to control his change moving forward.

Earlier in the match, Hardy referenced his brother Matt Hardy when he stated that he was forced to delete his WWE career. This could have been a hint for what was coming since Hardy was known as Brother Nero in the Broken Universe alongside Broken Matt Hardy, it’s unclear if he will still be called Brother Nero in WWE.