WWE SmackDown: Carmella Defeats Sasha Banks in Women’s Championship Match

Carmella and Sasha Banks decided that they didn’t want to wait until TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs next weekend, instead they preferred to have their showdown on this week’s SmackDown.

After weeks of Carmella attacking Banks from behind, finally, The Boss could get her hands on The Untouchable star in the main event of this week’s show.

Carmella debuted her new look and entrance as part of her new character and was able to dominate the SmackDown Women’s Champion for much of their match.

Carmella also ordered her new assistant to be at ringside with her champagne, but it was unknown that he was going to interfere in the match.

Banks could have had the match won when she locked in the Bank Statement before Tommy interfered and it appeared that this only served to further anger The Boss.

After his interference, Banks took Carmella into the corner and refused to stop the beatdown in the five-count so the referee was forced to call for the disqualification. Carmella defeated Sasha Banks, but the title couldn’t change hands.

After the match, Banks locked in the Bank Statement on Carmella’s assistant before Carmella fought back and even smashed a bottle of champagne over Sasha’s back.

It appears that their TLC match will be going ahead at present and a stipulation could now be added next week.