WWE SmackDown: Chad Gable Quits Being Shorty G

Chad Gable hasn’t had a lot of luck in WWE over the past few months and his career has definitely gone downhill since he lost in The King of the Ring tournament and became known as Shorty G.

Ahead of this, Chad Gable was seen as a former Olympian and well-respected member of the locker room.

Gable is a former Tag Team Champion who has been reduced to being a jobber and wasn’t even drafted in the recent WWE Draft.

This week on SmackDown, Shorty G seemingly called out Lars Sullivan so that he could make a statement, but this didn’t go to plan.

After a quick match that ended with a Freak Accident, Shorty G told Kayla Braxton at ringside that he quits.

Backstage, Gable later elaborated on his decision and revealed that he quits being Shorty G and from now on he will be Chad Gable once again.