WWE SmackDown: Former IMPACT Star Joseph Park Makes His WWE Debut

AJ Styles returned to Friday Night SmackDown this week and he brought with him a new attitude and a new manager. Styles was decided that from now on, he would be looking at statistics and he called his system the Phenomenal Intercontinental Statistics System, or PISS for short.

Styles was accompanied to the ring by someone that he introduced as Joseph Park, who many fans will know as former IMPACT Wrestling star Abyss. Park looks as though he could be joining Styles in the coming weeks as he looks to develop a new character.

Styles talked about the people who were deserving of a title shot and the fact that there was no one who was on his level before he was interrupted by Jeff Hardy.

The former Champion was never given the shot at the title in the tournament because of his storyline with Sheamus, so he wanted to be able to pick up where he left off since he was never given a fair chance.

Styles refused to allow him a shot at the title, so the former World Champion sent a message of his own by delivering a Twist of Fate before putting his name on Styles’ board.

Interestingly, the Intercontinental Championship segment included Hardy, Abyss and AJ Styles, who are all former IMPACT Wrestling stars.

Following the segment, Styles seemingly accepted Hardy’s challenge when he warned the star that he was going to be erased. but was unable to clear his name off the board, since it was written in permanent marker.