WWE SmackDown Hacker Releases New Video, Targets Raw Superstars?

Over the past few months, there has been a mysterious hooded figure targeting the SmackDown roster. Ahead of WrestleMania, The Hacker was directly responsible for the split of both Mandy Rose and Dolph Ziggler as well as the eventual split of Fire & Desire after backstage secrets were revealed regarding Otis and Mandy Rose’s Valentines Day date.

The Hacker mystery has since continued to appear in the background, waiting and watching ready to reveal more secrets of the brand, but his recent video has made it appear as though he isn’t just focused on SmackDown.

In the latest video that the hacker released on Twitter, he states: “This is a warning to the people. To the good, to the evil. I was silent. But I was not blind. My eyes know your lies.”

The video also shows Raw stars for the first time including United States Champion Apollo Crews, Randy Orton, Edge, and Seth Rollins. This has lead to the speculation that the hacker could now be able to appear on both main WWE brands.

The location of the hacker has now also changed, with the co-ordinates now leading to the location in Imalone Road that is in Imalone, Wisconsin.

It’s also worth noting that his bio now reads “True justice happens with eyes wide open.”