WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy Injured, The Hardy Boyz Vacate SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Image via WWE

This week’s episode of SmackDown Live witnessed an upsetting announcement from The Hardy Boyz.

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Jeff and Matt walked out to the ring to address the rumors surrounding the younger Hardy brother. The Swanton Bomb specialist was using a crutch to move around.

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According to the announcement, The Hardyz would be relinquishing the SmackDown Tag Team Championship due to a leg injury suffered by Jeff.

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The injury started making headlines over a week ago when Jeff was spotted limping and was pulled from house shows. It appears that the injury is pretty serious and will likely require surgery as Brother Nero himself confirmed that he will be out for a lengthy period.

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Jeff has been dealing with knee issues after suffering a dirt bike accident in 2015.

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While WWE’s current plans for Matt are still unknown, it’s pretty clear that fans won’t be seeing The Hardy Boyz together in the ring anytime soon.

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Following the announcement and relinquishment of the titles, Matt got destroyed by Lars Sullivan. The Freak absolutely laid waste to R-Truth who tried to save the brothers from the brutal assault. Jeff managed to escape by a narrow margin.