WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy Passes a Urine Test to Face Sheamus at Backlash

Sheamus and Jeff Hardy have been embroiled in a deeply personal storyline on SmackDown over the past few weeks, which will finally come to a head at Backlash this weekend when the two men finally go one-on-one.

The go-home episode of the show took the controversy one step further as The Celtic Warrior forced Hardy to take a urine test before he could face the former Champion on Sunday night.

Hardy was humiliated into taking the test in front of an audience with a doctor watching over the star while he gave up the sample.

Hardy, of course, got the last laugh when he threw the urine in the face of Sheamus after the doctor was able to collect his sample, leaving the Irish star gagging as he was left in the ring covered in urine.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later when Sheamus headed backstage that he was given the news that Hardy’s urine had come back as negative for any substances, which means that their match will now go ahead.

During the course of the segment, both men signed the contract and now the match is official. Originally this was set to be a contract signing but as a rule in WWE, these things never go ahead without some form of controversy.