WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy Reveals Who Was Behind Last Week’s Hit and Run on Elias

Last week’s episode of SmackDown kicked off in the parking lot where Renee Young made it clear that there had been an accident and Elias had been left injured.

The police were on the scene and established that the car was being rented by Jeff Hardy, who they found a few meters away knocked out in a bush. The former World Champion smelled of alcohol and was arrested on the spot when it was assumed that he had been drunk driving.

It was a story that hit home after numerous real-life DUI’s throughout Hardy’s career, but this week as part of the show, The Charismatic Enigma revealed that he wasn’t behind the incident.

Instead, he stated that he was knocked out when he got out of his car at the Performance Center and then woke up smelling like alcohol and almost made a return to his dark place.

Hardy revealed that he was taken to the police station and passed all the sobriety tests before witnesses came forward and told him that a man with red hair and a red beard was seen fleeing the scene.

This was when Hardy realized that Sheamus had set him up and made his way back to the arena to attack the Irish star.

Hardy’s history made it easy for Sheamus to set him up and even convince the Rainbow Haired Warrior that he could have been the one behind the wheel, but Hardy made it clear that this wasn’t the case.

Sheamus made his way out to the ring where he denied the story that Hardy was telling before attacking the former World Champion. Elias still remains out of action and WWE is yet to give the WWE Universe an update on his condition since last week’s episode of the show.