WWE SmackDown: Jey Uso Turns Heel, Aligns Himself With Roman Reigns

Over the past few months, Roman Reigns has been pushing for his cousin to fall in line and understand that he is now the head of the table.

At Hell in a Cell, Reigns was able to force Jey Uso to say the words “I Quit”, which meant that he would be forced to make a decision.

At the top of the show, Uso didn’t seem as though he was prepared to join The Tribal Chief but Reigns made it clear that if he didn’t, he would be kicked out of the family.

There was a clear change in Uso during his main event match with Daniel Bryan since he seemed much more aggressive and was able to secure his place in this year’s Survivor Series team with a hard-fought victory.

Interestingly, following the match, Uso then told Reigns that he would join him and that he understands.

Uso then went on to attack Daniel Bryan at the request of the Universal Champion as a way to show him that he was definitely now loyal.

Reigns watched on as his cousin put Bryan through the announce table and then continued the beatdown as SmackDown went off the air.