WWE SmackDown: John Morrison Returns To WWE, More Names Announce Themselves For The Men’s Royal Rumble

Image via Twitter

John Morrison left WWE back in 2011 after an interesting career that included Tag Team, Intercontinental and ECW World Championship gold. He has since made a name for himself in promotions including Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling and AAA before it was announced last month that he had re-signed with WWE.

The past few hours have been saturated with news regarding the former Champion and the fact that he was in Memphis ahead of tonight’s SmackDown and finally Morrison appeared as part of the show when Cathy Kelley looked to interview The Miz backstage but instead was approached by Morrison.

The Miz attacked Kofi Kingston following their match on SmackDown so Kelley was looking for the scoop but instead, she was on hand to see the re-debut of one of the company’s most exciting stars.

Morrison only uttered a sentence to state that The Miz didn’t want to comment on his actions, but it was enough to get the WWE Universe buzzing about his imminent in-ring return as well as the chances that Morrison will once again change his name.

On a night that also saw Sheamus make his return to WWE, there were a number of interesting revelations, since Royal Rumble was on the lips of many stars and the likes of Roman Reigns and Elias staked their claim on the 30-man match when they became the first men to announce their participation in the match.

WWE usually leaves a number of the 30-man Rumble spots vacant to that there can be surprise entrants which include returnees and NXT call-ups. Over the next few weeks, many male and female stars will begin announcing themselves for the match and look to put their names in the record books and then go on to fight for one of the company’s major Championships at WrestleMania 36 in April.