WWE SmackDown: John Morrison Takes Down Big E, Bray Wyatt Tells All About The Fiend’s Current Mindset

Image via Twitter

This week’s episode of SmackDown kicked off with John Morrison‘s return in front of the live crowd where he appeared on Miz TV and stated that the reason he made his return to the company was because he was disappointed in the WWE Universe and the way they were treating his best friend after he had given 15 years to the business.

The Prince of Parkour also showed off his skills as he took down Big E at ringside with a badass move, helping The Miz take advantage of the distraction and pin Kofi Kingston for the win.

Morrison wasn’t the only star in a revealing mood this week since Bray Wyatt was back in The FunHouse ahead of The Fiend’s match against Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble in just over two weeks’ time. Many fans have questioned the motives of The Fiend when he’s been targetting Daniel Bryan in recent weeks, but Wyatt himself revealed this to the WWE Universe this week on Friday Night SmackDown.

Bray Wyatt was in his Firefly Funhouse once again when he revealed that The Fined first approached Bryan because he wanted him to remember, alluding to the days where Bryan was aligned with The Wyatt Family. He then claimed that The Fiend wanted to change Bryan, something that he managed to do both physically and mentally after removing his beard and hair.

Now Wyatt stated that The Fiend just wants to hurt Bryan because the former Champion is looking to take The Fiend’s title away.

The feud between Bryan and The Fiend has been one of the most captivating on WWE TV in recent months and with the addition of The Miz to the feud, it was easily the most exciting heading into TLC.

It’s unknown as to whether or not this feud will continue following the Rumble, but now that Wyatt has explained the thought process that The Fiend is currently dealing with, it seems to humanize The Fiend a little bit since it’s a very human way for him to think about the entire situation.

At TLC it was Bray Wyatt who stepped in the ring with The Miz, but at the Royal Rumble, The Fiend is back and it appears that he’s looking to take all of his issues out on Daniel Bryan when the two men collide on January 26th with the Universal Championship on the line.