WWE SmackDown: King Corbin and Seth Rollins Qualify for Survivor Series

King Corbin pulled off an impressive victory this week on SmackDown when he was able to defeat Rey Mysterio to become the third man to qualify for the men’s Survivor Series team.

The 2019 King of the Ring winner benefitted from the help of a number of stars as the issues in Rey Mysterio’s family continued to hinder his wrestling career.

Seth Rollins made his presence known before his daughter Aalyah and her new partner Murphy also made their way to ringside and provided enough of a distraction to allow Corbin to deliver The End of Days for the victory.

Meanwhile, it was an interesting week for Seth Rollins as he was able to cost Rey Mysterio a place in the Survivor Series team before he then won his match against Otis.

Murphy appeared as though he was going to exact some revenge and cost Rollins the match before he actually provided the distraction that helped The Messiah to deliver The Stomp to Otis and pick up the win and qualify for the SmackDown men’s Survivor Series team.

Aalyah, Dominik, and Rey were shown backstage after the match and they seemed just as confused as the WWE Universe.

After the match, Murphy admitted that he was Rollins’ disciple once again before he told Aalyah that she needed to trust him because this was for the Greater good.