WWE SmackDown: Lars Sullivan Returns After a Long Hiatus

Lars Sullivan was last seen on WWE TV when he was part of a handicap match against The Lucha House Party on Raw in the summer of 2019.

Sullivan suffered a knee injury as part of that match and has since been on the sidelines looking for a way to make his return.

Reports suggested that Sullivan was cleared to return back in June but the creative team has been looking for a way to welcome him back to WWE TV.

As part of this week’s draft episode of SmackDown, The Freak made his return following the match between Matt Riddle, Jeff Hardy, The Miz, and John Morrison.

Sullivan made his way to the ring and took down Riddle, Hardy, and Morrison in order to make a statement upon his first appearance in more than a year.

Stephanie McMahon later announced that following the return, Sullivan would be added to Monday Night’s Draft Pool.