WWE SmackDown Live Champion Comments On Her Paycheck

WWE’s recent new massive television contracts have led to speculations that Superstars might not make what the WWE Universe thinks they do.

On this week’s Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted that WWE Superstars get paid on a percentage of their house show revenue. Although that sounds good on paper considering the big money WWE can bring in at the gate, Dave Meltzer mentioned the wrestlers receiving only 8% of the revenue which in reality doesn’t amount to much.

Reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella was recently attacked by a fan on social media regarding her paycheck. The Princess of Staten Island who has expensive tastes, took some serious offence when the fan tweeted,

“She’s not rich, she only makes 120k a year. One of the lowest on the payroll. I’m sure she makes a little more as champ but she’s still pretty low.”

This bold statement was not received well by The Princess who immediately went out to correct him.