WWE SmackDown: Mandy Rose Returns Sporting a New Look, Retribution Debuts

Sonya Deville was on The Dirt Sheet this week on SmackDown where she spoke about her reasons for attacking her former best friend Mandy Rose and cutting her hair last week. Deville made it clear that Rose wasn’t going to come out and attack her since she had ruined her looks, but Rose was still able to come out following this week’s main event.

Heavy Machinery took on The Miz and John Morrison with Deville at ringside before Rose made her way down to the ring and took out Deville.

Rose was sporting a new look since her hair cut on last week’s episode but The Golden Goddess hardly looked any different than usual. The two women brawled into the back where they were separated by the officials when the lights went out.

The lights came back up and Retribution finally debuted in a similar fashion to the original Nexus when they came to the ring carrying weapons and began attacking the audience.

The gang was dressed in all black and wearing ski masks, but it was obvious that there was a woman who was part of the group since she was much smaller than the other members.

The group came out after a number of glitches on this week’s episode of SmackDown since The Miz and Morrison’s mics earlier in the night went off and there were a number of lighting issues throughout.

The group attacked many of the wrestlers who were in the audience before destroying the ringside area and then began spray painting the plastic boarding and the steps outside the ring.

A chainsaw was then used to cause more damage before SmackDown went off the air. It’s clear that this group has come to WWE to make some huge changes and the fall out from this debut could be interesting.