WWE SmackDown: Matt Riddle vs Baron Corbin Grudge Match Announced for Payback

Ever Since Matt Riddle was promoted to the SmackDown brand, King Corbin has tried to make it clear that he doesn’t belong in his kingdom. The King of the Ring winner even put a king’s bounty on Riddle’s head in the hopes that someone in the WWE locker room would do his dirty work for him.

In the end, it was his old rival Shorty G who stepped up and looked to send a message to the former MMA star, but obviously Riddle has been able to come out on top numerous times.

This week on SmackDown, Shorty G was once again taken down by Riddle while Corbin was on the ramp to see the events unfold. The King looked to jump the former NXT star from behind but this didn’t go to plan either, which led to Corbin issuing the challenge for Sunday night.

Corbin is pushing to make it clear that Riddle doesn’t belong on SmackDown and now he will finally have the chance to prove that at Payback.

Earlier in the show, it was also announced that Rey Mysterio and Dominik will team together to take on Seth Rollins and Murphy in a rematch from Raw this weekend at Payback.