WWE SmackDown: Money In The Bank Ladder Matches To Take Place Concurrently, New Stable Formed?

This week’s episode of SmackDown kicked off with Daniel Bryan cutting an interesting promo regarding his chances in the Money in the Bank ladder match next Sunday night.

Bryan made a comment about the matches taking place at the same time as part of his speech, which has opened the door to many fans believing that the men and women’s Money in the Bank ladder matches will now take place concurrently and since the matches are pre-recorded, the company could edit in between them.

WWE is yet to announce the official rules for the match but it could be that both matches take place at the same time and the final moments will then take place separately in order to ensure that it’s fair for both the men and women.

While Daniel Bryan’s speech brought up an interesting point, it also led to a match against Baron Corbin which then saw a new stable seemingly teased with Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro coming out to make the save for The King when it appeared that he was losing the match against Bryan.

It was reported earlier in the week by Dave Meltzer on The Wrestling Observer that Sami Zayn had made the decision not to travel to The Performance Center as part of the current pandemic, which means that his stable has to continue without him.

Zayn becomes only the second star behind Roman Reigns to take himself out of an active storyline while taking advantage of WWE’s agreement to allow stars to make their own choice to be part of their current shows given the fact that there is an on-going global pandemic.

It’s unknown when The Great Liberator will be back on WWE TV and it appears that in his absence his team will be under new management.