WWE SmackDown: Otis, Bayley, and Natalya Qualify for Survivor Series

The Survivor Series elimination match has been a hot topic of conversation on SmackDown and Raw over the past few weeks and now the teams are finally complete.

While the Raw men’s team was forced to qualify and the women’s was announced by Adam Pearce, the SmackDown teams were all forced to qualify, but this week on SmackDown Pearce decided that Otis and Bayley wouldn’t have to.

The WWE Producer told Otis that he would be part of the team in a backstage segment, before informing Natalya that he couldn’t put her on the women’s team because he was only allowed to name one person per team.

Pearce decided that Bayley was the perfect fit for the Women’s Survivor Series team and that Natalya would be forced to qualify in a match against Tamina.

The Boat had already failed to qualify on three separate occasions in recent weeks but for some reason, she had been given a fourth shot against Tamina, who was pinned last week.

Natalya was able to finally pick up the win when she locked in the sharpshooter on Tamina and she tapped. After the match, Team SmackDown all stood on the ring together and showed that they were on the same page.