WWE SmackDown: Referee Injured in Women’s Match?

Lacey Evans took on Sonya Deville this week on SmackDown after weeks of issues between the two women.

The match was officiated by Danilo Anfibio who became the center of the action mid-way through when he got in the way of a sunset flip from Sonya Deville on the outside and the former NXT star looked to crush his ankle.

The referee tried to walk it off and continue but was unable to do so which forced the women to stop the action and wait for the official to receive treatment.

The injured official was unable to continue after receiving medical attention so Jessika Carr was the referee who was chosen to replace him and went on to call the finish of the match.

It’s unknown as to whether or not this was a work since the show was pre-recorded and WWE could have easily restarted the match and edited the injury out.

That being said, what would an injury angle lead to since Sonya Deville is already in a storyline with Mandy Rose.

The injury is unusual but one worth keeping an eye on since it could lead to a much bigger story on SmackDown in the future.