WWE SmackDown: Retribution Invades and Destroys WWE Locker Room

This week’s episode of SmackDown kicked off with Big E vs John Morrison, but the match was invaded by Retribution and forced the match to prematurely come to an end. Big E was injured in the attack and the commentary team were forced to run to the exits to avoid being attacked once again.

The match was rescheduled for later in the night and security was positioned at ringside to prevent another invasion. While the WWE stars were in the arena watching the match and waiting for Retribution to resurface, the group instead struck in the WWE locker room.

The masked men and women attacked WWE officials including Drake Younger and even locked one star in the bathroom before the stars became aware that the group was backstage.

When the WWE roster ran back into the locker room the group had already left but had painted the WWE logo on the wall in a circle which seemed to hint that WWE had now been targetted.

Out in the ring, Big E was able to defeat John Morrison while he was struggling with a knee injury before Sheamus came out and delivered a Brogue Kick to continue on from their confrontation earlier in the night.