WWE SmackDown: Rey Mysterio Defeats Seth Rollins in the Final Chapter, Finally Approves of Murphy and Aalyah

After months of issues between Seth Rollins and The Mysterio family, the feud came to an end this week on SmackDown when Rey Mysterio faced Rollins in a no holds barred match.

Last week on SmackDown, Murphy helped The Messiah to qualify for the Survivor Series men’s team and stated that he was a disciple once again.

He later told Aalyah this was for the “greater good” which led to this week’s match where he was in Rollins’ corner.

Murphy ended up being the difference-maker in the match since The Disciple made it seem as though he was helping Rollins by handing him a steel chair before he turned and hit a stunning knee to the face which was within the rules of the match.

While Rollins was busy arguing with Murphy about turning on him, Mysterio was able to deliver the 619 followed by the splash to pick up the victory and end the feud on top.

After the match, Mysterio told Murphy that he approved of his relationship with his daughter and shook hands with the Australian star.

The family then hugged it out in the ring and it was made clear that the Mysterios were on the winning side of this feud.