WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns Announces The Tribal Consequences of Hell in a Cell Match

Over the past month, Jey Uso has made it clear that he doesn’t accept Roman Reigns in his current form.

The former Tag Team Champion refused to call the Universal Champion his Tribal Chief back at Clash of Champions, which has now led to this deeply personal Hell in a Cell match.

While the match is already WWE’s first-ever “I Quit” match inside Hell in a Cell, this week on SmackDown, Reigns announced that there would be more consequences if Uso lost.

The Universal Champion stated that he could come to terms with losing his title and his seat at the head of the table if he lost, but if Uso loses then he has to fall in line or he will be kicked out of the family.

Jimmy Uso returned to SmackDown this week and was with his brother on the ramp when Reigns brought him into the conversation and told him that he also had to fall in line.

This would mean that if Uso is the man who utters “I Quit” inside Hell in a Cell then The Usos would be forced to accept Reigns as their Tribal Chief and join the Champion, turning heel in the process.