WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns Buries Robert Roode, The Fiend Makes Terrifying Revelation

Roman Reigns kicked off this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown and celebrated the fact that the men’s Survivor Series team came out on top, even if they didn’t win the fight for brand dominance overall.

He pointed out that King Corbin was the weak link in the team which brought out the 2019 King of the Ring and led to him making a match between Robert Roode and Roman Reigns which led to absolute carnage at ringside.

Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler remained at ringside for the match and attempted to interfere on a number of occasions, the biggest being when Corbin handed the scepter to Roode to use, this then led to Roman delivering a spear and picking up the win.

Throughout the match, Roode had trash-talked Reigns’ family and the former Universal Champion refused to let it go, so he speared Roode through the barricade, threw two chairs at him and then tipped the announce table on top of him. Reigns definitely sent a message to the former Tag Team Champion, when it comes to talking about his family.

WWE teased that Bray Wyatt would unveil a new character into the Firefly Fun House this week on SmackDown and Wyatt revealed that The Fiend had his own Championship. The Fiend was seen in a video edit holding his own version of the Universal Championship which had his face across the belt.

Wyatts stated that if he has a title then it’s only fair that HE has one too. It was a terrifying segment that has confused many members of the WWE Universe. Does this mean that The Fiend is now in the Fun House too or was Wyatt referring to the Championship as the latest addition to his crazy unpredictable world?