WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns Sends a Message to Jey Uso Following the Main Event

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso have collided several times in recent months, but the former Tag Team Champion recently chose to join his cousin at the head of the table.

There have been some teething problems between Reigns and Uso as their partnership has developed since Uso has a problem with acting without thinking.

Reigns has served punishments to his cousin whenever this has happened, and this week on SmackDown was no different.

When Kevin Owens confronted Roman Reigns to open the show, Jey Uso impulsively tried to shout his mouth off at Owens, and Reigns decided that he needed to be punished.

Uso was sent out alone for the main event match until Roman Reigns later joined him and helped him even out the numbers. The two men then fought over who should record the victory and Uso was forced to climb down from the top rope.

After this altercation, Owens almost won the match which forced Reigns to step in and was disqualified for locking in the guillotine when he wasn’t a legal competitor.

Reigns then sent a message to Owens at the end of the show when he and Uso exchanged chair shots, but once again Uso headed to the top rope and delivered a splash without asking.

Reigns decided that this was the last straw and took out his cousin with several chair shots. Hopefully, Uso will learn to fall in line after the beatdown.