WWE SmackDown: Sasha Banks Forces Bayley to Sign the Contract for Hell in a Cell

Bayley already accepted Sasha Banks’ challenge for a Women’s Championship match inside Hell in a Cell but in recent weeks the Champion has refused to sign the contract.

This week on SmackDown, Bayley continued the charade that she wouldn’t sign the contract and was technically in her right to refuse.

Sasha Banks made her way to the ring with the contract in her hand and made it her mission to force the Champion to make the match official.

Bayley tried to attack Banks with the steel chair but The Boss ducked and was able to get her hands on the Women’s Championship.

This then allowed her to take the upperhand and lock Bayley inside a steel chair until she picked up the pen and signed the contract.

Banks has been inside Hell in a Cell on two separate occasions and while The Boss has the experience of being inside the structure, she is yet to win a match at Hell in a Cell.