WWE SmackDown: Seth Rollins Makes His Return and Swerves the WWE Universe

Seth Rollins returned to SmackDown this week for the first time since November and returned with his old music to seemingly become a babyface on SmackDown once again.

Rollins announced that he had recently become a father and it had changed his life, which led to him announcing that he was there to make SmackDown much greater than it already was.

Before Rollins came to the ring, the WWE locker room surrounded ringside and was swerved by The Messiah as he slowly returned to his old gimmick and told them to embrace the vision.

The WWE locker room then headed into the back and only Cesaro was left. After he refused to join Rollins and embrace his vision, Rollins attacked him and had to be pulled off by WWE officials.

Rollins’ old theme song played as the former World Champion exited the ring, so at present, it’s unclear what Rollins’ new character is.

The Messiah seems to have evolved during his time away and is now a very different character from the one who left in November.

This could also open the door for a feud between Cesaro and Seth Rollins heading into WrestleMania since it’s well-known that Rollins and Cesaro are best friends in real life.