WWE SmackDown: Shorty G Wants The King’s Ransom, Turns Heel

Shorty G and King Corbin have a long history on SmackDown since it was Shorty G who made it all the way to the final of the King of the Ring last year and was confronted by “short” jokes throughout his time feuding with the former United States Champion.

Corbin now has much bigger targets in his sights and has recently stepped into a rivalry with Matt Riddle, who only moved to the main roster recently. Given his position as “King,” Corbin was able to put a bounty on Riddle’s head and recently released a “King’s Ransom” for whoever takes out The Superking of the Bros.”

This week on SmackDown, Corbin was seen backstage with Shorty G where he explained that he should be the one to cash in on the ransom as a former Olympian who has been ignored for much of his WWE career.

While Shorty G and Corbin are far from friends, it appears that the former Tag Team Champion thought that there was truth in his words since he later went on to attack Matt Riddle.

Corbin took on Drew Gulak this week on SmackDown and Riddle interfered where he gained the upperhand on The King, interestingly, it was Shorty G who then went on to make the save and make it clear that he wanted that money.

Corbin was once known as “The Lone Wolf” something that has defined his WWE career, it’s interesting that now Corbin needs a friend on SmackDown, it’s one of his biggest rivals who has become an ally.