WWE SmackDown: Tag Team Officially Splits, Daniel Bryan Qualifies For The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The saga surrounding Mandy Rose and Otis has been one of the most personal storylines in WWE ever since Valentine’s Day when it appeared that Rose had chosen Dolph Ziggler over Otis, who originally asked Rose out on a date on the most romantic day of the year.

Ahead of WrestleMania, it was made clear that Sonya Deville and Ziggler had worked together to ensure that Otis and Mandy were not able to get together, but at WrestleMania the two stars defied the odds and finally began their relationship, but it was unknown what this meant for the friendship of Rose and Deville.

Deville called out Mandy Rose this week on SmackDown and appeared to be prepared to give an emotional speech about their friendship and how they shouldn’t throw it away, but instead, the former MMA star turned her back on her long-time friend and stated that she was selfish as well as revealing that the deal she made with Ziggler would have led them to the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Ziggler interrupted before things could become physical and made it clear that he still cared about Rose, but the two women collided before Otis made the save and it was the cutest couple in WWE who were left standing. It’s obvious that the story here is far from over.

The Money in the Bank qualifying matches continued this week on SmackDown where Daniel Bryan became the first man to qualify for this year’s men’s Money in the Bank contract ladder match when he was able to force Cesaro to tap to The Yes Lock.

Shinsuke Nakamura looked to get involved in the match on behalf of his teammate, but Drew Gulak neutralized him at ringside and helped his new friend secure his place in the match.