WWE SmackDown: The Fiend Sends a Message, Bayley and Shayna Baszler Collide, All-Out Brawl Closes The Show

This week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown was the final buildup to Survivor Series and it was obvious that WWE had a lot to fit into the final hour. Daniel Bryan‘s looming matchup against the undefeated Fiend was one of the main topics of discussion and Bryan himself headed to the ring to call out Bray Wyatt’s new alter ego.

The Miz was the man who entered the fray instead and WWE teased that the feud between the two men that has eclipsed more than a decade was far from over, before the two men collided in a one-on-one match. Bryan was about to seal the victory when The Fiend attacked and once again grounded his Survivor Series opponent with The Mandible Claw.

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Shayna Baszler had patiently listened to Bayley‘s claims about her attacking from behind and lurking in the shadows, so she made her way to the ring to prove that she would stand her ground and fight face to face, only for Bayley to resort to nefarious tactics.

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This time around it was Bayley who attacked from behind and the two women then brawled on the outside until the SmackDown Women’s Champion was able to create some distance between herself and The Queen of Spades. Even this didn’t keep Baszler down and left Bayley scrambling to the back and she questioned her tactics heading into one of the biggest matches of her career this weekend.

Baron Corbin teamed with Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler to pick up the victory over Shorty G, Mustafa Ali and Roman Reigns, but this wasn’t the end of the show. Team Raw hit the ring and shockingly Seth Rollins was the man to deliver the first punch to the face of his former Shield teammate Roman Reigns.

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The SmackDown locker room then backed up Reigns and a brawl broke out in the ring while NXT threw back to the WCW era to head down to the ring in a truck. It was an all-out brawl between all three brands as NXT joined the fight flanked by Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

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Keith Lee and Braun Strowman found their way to the ring and had a staredown before the two monsters then closed the show as they did battle. There was no clear winner tonight on SmackDown, but Sunday night will definitely see one of these three brands take home all of the bragging rights.