WWE SmackDown: The Fiend Signs WWE Contract With His Own Blood, The Miz and John Morrison Announced For Men’s Royal Rumble

This week’s episode of SmackDown was main evented by the contract signing between The Fiend and Daniel Bryan ahead of their strap match for the Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night.

Daniel Bryan signed the contract before calling out The Fiend, but it was Fun House Bray Wyatt who appeared on the screen and was attempting to fax the contract to Bryan. After Wyatt was unable to send the document over, he talked about the fact that Bryan had made a mistake since it wasn’t him that would be facing him on Sunday, it would be The Fiend so it’s only fair that he signs the contract.

The Fiend then appeared in the ring and locked in the Mandible Claw on Bryan before delivering Sister Abigail and attacking him with the strap and left a number of welts down his back. The most interesting part of the segment came when The Fiend headed over to the contract, stabbed himself in the hand with the pen and then opting to sign with his own blood instead.

When the lights came back up on the ring The Fiend was gone, but Bryan was left behind covered in ligature marks and the blood was much more visible.

The Strap match isn’t the only match on the card this weekend, there are a number of stars who are focused on the Royal Rumble match in the hopes that they will face the winner of the upcoming Universal Championship bout. John Morrison was able to defeat Kofi Kingston this week on SmackDown to continue his undefeated streak and as part of the match, The Miz and Morrison officially announced that they would be part of the 30-man field for the annual Rumble match on Sunday night as well.