WWE SmackDown: The Forgotten Sons Return to WWE TV With New Characters

The Forgotten Sons were last seen on WWE TV back in May when they were part of the kick off show at Money in the Bank. The trio was later written off TV after Jaxson Ryker made some controversial comments on Twitter.

There have since been rumors that the team would be heading back to SmackDown without Jaxson Ryker, but that finally became a reality as part of this week’s show.

King Corbin was a victim of the numbers game last week on SmackDown when The Mysterio family helped at ringside and Murphy was able to pick up the win.

This week, the company decided on a rematch between the two men but this time Corbin had some backup of his own.

Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake headed to ringside and helped Corbin pick up the victory when they attacked both Dominik and Rey Mysterio. The distraction meant that King Corbin was able to deliver the End of Days and seal the win, which could now be the beginning of an interesting feud between both teams.

As of writing, it is unknown what this means for their teammate Jaxson Ryker, who hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in almost six months.