WWE SmackDown: Vince McMahon Makes Rare Appearance and Breaks Kayfabe as Part of Celebration Speech

WWE advertised this week’s episode of SmackDown as the 25th Anniversary of Triple H’s WWE debut, which meant that there would be some kind of celebration in the name of The King of Kings. True to form, The Game made his way to the ring as the main event looked to be a promo from Triple H himself before he was later joined by Shawn Michaels.

The Game and his long time friend went on to list some of Hunter’s biggest accomplishments including his time in D-Generation X as well as his record losses at WrestleMania before they were interrupted by video calls from his wife Stephanie McMahon, Ric Flair who was his mentor in Evolution and then Road Dogg who was part of D-Generation X alongside both Michaels and Triple H.

This was true to WWE’s form when it comes to celebrations until The Chairman Vince McMahon made a rare appearance on SmackDown to congratulate his son in law on his achievement.

Throughout the promo, the boss broke kayfabe as he referenced to Triple H as “Paul” and then went on to talk about some of the segments that were definite misses in WWE history including the infamous Katie Vick story and Bayley’s “This is your life” segment on Raw.

Interestingly, McMahon went on to talk about a number of different things regarding his son-in-law’s career before talking about that match at Crown Jewel last year which was the last time both Michaels and Triple H stepped in the ring, and it appears that McMahon felt the same way about it as the WWE Universe.

It was a strange segment to say the least, which was probably made even more strange without an audience since there was complete silence following all of the jokes from all three men.