WWE Star Kalisto Suffers Injury At Survivor Series

Image via WWE.com

The kick-off show for last night’s Survivor Series saw ten WWE Tag Teams fight it out for their brand, and The Usos came out on top to draw first blood for SmackDown Live.

Interestingly, this win was then not part of the overall tally on the night, since it wasn’t part of the main show, so it was technically considered pointless.

This means that Kalisto was legitimately injured as part of the match for no reason since overall it didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

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Kalisto was seen jumping off the apron in the middle of the match before he was replaced by Gran Metalik, which was highlighted by the commentary team but it wasn’t explained.

Image via WWE.com

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According to The Wrestling Observer Kalisto suffered a knee injury during the spot and made the conscious decision to step out of the match and be replaced by his teammate.

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“So Kalisto suffered a knee injury in the match and he just kind of got off the apron and then Gran Metalik got on the apron,” he said via Ringsidenews.

There isn’t a lot known about his injury at present, but Rey Mysterio’s career has been plagued by knee injuries because of his style in the ring and this could have been passed down to Kalisto since he wrestles in the same way.

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Luckily, The Lucha House Party have two members without Kalisto so Lince Dorado and Metalik can continue to perform whilst the former United States Champion is sidelined.

Monday Night Raw tonight should provide more answers for the WWE Universe when it comes to his prognosis moving forward and whether or not the former Champion is still able to compete.