WWE Star Legitimately Injured On Raw?

Liv Morgan
Image via WWE.com

Liv Morgan teamed with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan to take on Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, and Natalya this week on Monday Night Raw, but Morgan’s night was over quite quickly after she took a Yes Kick from Bella. Brie delivered the final of four kicks to the head of Morgan before she then went for the pin on an obviously¬†unconscious superstar.

Brie then attempted to take Liv over to the corner to allow her to tag out, but Morgan was unable to lift herself up to her feet, which is where Brie told both Logan and Riott loudly that Liv was out cold.

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Morgan was then taken outside the ring where she was helped by Sarah Logan, but after she was part of a six-person suplex, Morgan rolled to the outside and played no further role in the match.

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The former NXT star was reportedly taken backstage and assessed by trainers, but when the match was over and The Riott Squad won, Liv was seen on the floor at ringside.

Interestingly, Brie Bella could have interfered in the pin and helped Natalya to kick out, but instead, Brie went to check on her sister, which made it seem as though Liv was supposed to neutralize Brie but because she was unable to play a part in the show, Brie had to find a creative solution.

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Brie has already become public enemy after a number of botched spots since her return and since the kick was high enough to hit Liv in the head, it’s obviously Brie who was at fault.

Injuries happen in wrestling so hopefully, Liv Morgan is able to come back better and stronger and the concussion is only a small one.