WWE Star Makes Shock Appearance At NXT Live Event

Image via fullmatchtv.com

The Bludgeon Brothers lost their SmackDown Tag Team Championships to The New Day following SummerSlam and Erick Rowan was then confirmed to be struggling with a torn bicep and will now be on the shelf for up to eight months.

Bray Wyatt has been teasing a Wyatt Family reunion on social media, but as of yet, there is no news on how WWE will use Luke Harper whilst his teammate is on the sidelines. It appears that Harper is now floating around the WWE roster since he recently showed up at an NXT live event to wrestle Ricochet.

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Ricochet has an interesting match coming up against Pete Dunne and is still the current North American Champion, even though this match wasn’t for the Championship. As seen above, The One And Only came very close to losing to the former Tag Team Champion but in the end, it was Ricochet who came out on top.

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The NXT crowd were excited to see Harper back as he follows a long list of stars including Tyler Breeze, The Shield and Zack Ryder who have made surprise appearances at NXT since they have been promoted to the main roster.

As already noted, Luke Harper has no storyline moving forward without his partner Erick Rowan and it is unknown as to whether or not WWE will allow Harper to work as a solo star on the main roster since The Bludgeon Brothers have been doing so well in the Tag Team Division.

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Reports suggest that if Rowan wasn’t injured a few weeks ago then the duo wouldn’t have dropped their titles to The New Day, so WWE could have some big plans for the former Wyatt Family members when Rowan returns.